Westmoreland Conservancy announced in July 2020 that, after a process that took seven years, they have expanded King Reserve by 26 acres.

The largest of the conservancy’s holdings, the now 122-acre parcel is also one of the Conservancy’s most biologically diverse, having the greatest variety of plants. The reserve features a small intermittent stream named Sylvan Run (now further protected with this latest acquisition, along with the stream’s floodplain) and a short section of a tributary of Haymaker Run known as Pearson’s Creek. Meadows, shrub thickets, and both secondary succession and mature forest make up the remainder of the habitats.

Located in Murrysville in Westmoreland County, the land that is now King Reserve had been in the King family since 1879 before the family sold the land to Westmoreland Conservancy in 1996 to protect it from development.