In early April, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy announced the purchase of four acres in Stewart Township, Fayette County that are now part of the Conservancy’s 5,119-acre Bear Run Nature Reserve.

Four acres have been added to Bear Run Nature Reserve in Fayette County.

The four-acre area is located across from the main entrance to Fallingwater, includes more than 600 feet of frontage along Route 381, and is visible to all visitors traveling to tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece. Protecting the land safeguards the scenic views and forested areas along this stretch of the Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway that is characterized by rolling hillsides, evergreen forests and picturesque farmlands.

The property is entirely forested and advances WPC’s conservation priorities for the Bear Run Nature Reserve and Fallingwater landscape, says Tom Saunders, president and CEO of the Conservancy.

The land helps protect the scenic views along the gateway to Fallingwater.

“While small in size, this property will provide tangible protection at a key location near the entrance to Fallingwater,” he added. “So, it was a valuable investment to add this land to our Bear Run Reserve and protect the gateway to Fallingwater.”