Dennis Collins has many passions and interests in life, but the one dearest to his heart is land protection. His involvement in this field, as an avocation or a vocation, has spanned three decades. In that time, he has crafted deals for the protection of many thousands of acres of precious open space. Whether partnering with or mentoring various organizations and individuals, or helping found organizations, or navigating government bureaucracy, or helping landowners to find the most advantageous arrangement, Dennis has been a proactive, creative agent for the protection of special places.

Dennis retired from Wildlands Conservancy in 2003, and moved to Connecticut where he continued his land preservation efforts. He passed away in March 2014.

“We can’t let an opportunity pass, because it won’t come back,” Dennis is fond of saying.

Thank you Dennis for not letting those opportunities pass.

WeConservePA honored Dennis G. Collins for his decades of leadership and dedication in conserving our special places and landscapes by awarding him the 2005 Lifetime Leadership Award.