Profile questionnaires must be completed and submitted by anyone interested in being a mentor or mentee. These will assist WeConservePA in matching mentors with mentees based on similar interests, goals, geography, and other factors.

Mentor Expectations

  • Invest in the partnership: provide advice and guidance in a constructive manner.
  • Exhibit personal professionalism, motivation, and reliability.
  • Commit to the mentorship for a 1-year period.
  • Maintain consistent contact with mentee through in-person meetings, phone, or email.
  • Uphold confidentiality agreement.

Why Mentor?

Enhanced professional growth. Mentors hone their leadership, and communication skills as they advise their mentees, which they can in turn apply to their own day-to-day work. Some find that mentoring reenergizes them by empowering them to bring new ideas to the table.

Greater insight into the conservation field. Mentoring allows mentors to work with people of different ages, backgrounds, work styles, and expertise. The partnership breaks down barriers and informs mentors about what is happening in other areas of the conservation community.

A fresh perspective on job performance. Mentors often find that they gain new insight into their own job and how they are performing. When mentees ask why a mentor does things a certain way, it causes the mentor to reexamine their advice and take a critical look at themselves.

Satisfaction of helping others grow. Mentors gain the satisfaction of sharing their experiences with others and take pleasure in seeing the results of their work.

Building the conservation movement. Mentors develop and retain promising talent within the conservation movement, helping ensure the long-term effectiveness of the movement to which they have dedicated their professional lives.

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