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Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

a Topic for discussion around the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

RGGI Briefing for Pennsylvania Environmental Advisory Council's

You may be aware of a crucial environmental decision that will be made in Pennsylvania in the coming weeks known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). As proposed, it will decrease air pollution across PA and significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. I write to you today, as a member of the Cranberry Township Environmental Advisory Committee (CTEAC), asking that you consider what actions you might take in support of RGGI, and thereby conserve PA’s environment.

I am recommending that organizations consider taking the following actions:

  • Review available literature in the public domain to be well informed about RGGI; it is multifaceted. Attached to this message is an information package prepared by Clean Power PA.
  • Write or call your PA Senate and House representatives urging them to support the passage of RGGI and any subsequent votes necessary to implement the rules.
  • Consider recommending that your township Board of Supervisors, or equivalent body, pass a resolution also in support of RGGI.

Presently the Cranberry EAC is deliberating the possibility of recommending that our Board of Supervisors issue such a resolution. A presentation was made to our EAC last month, and a majority of our members support taking this action. We will likely be formally voting on making a recommendation to the board at our November meeting. A copy of the presentation is also attached for your consideration and use. It is important that all PA EACs move promptly on this, since the legislature will be making critical make or break votes in the coming few weeks.

It is my personal assessment that RGGI is an environmental issue which has been well structure with unique features that seek to address several economic issues stemming from our energy policies. It would, however, be wrong for me not to acknowledge that the matter has been politicized, and particularly in PA. It is my view that we who care about the environment and conservation issues should do our best to set aside politics when considering environmental and related economic issues. The matter is complex. Notwithstanding, when RGGI is studied in depth, we find that the political balance is quite close, and so our actions in voicing support could actually make a real difference.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I trust that you will assess and act on these recommendations very soon since time is short.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael DiMonte

Email: [email protected]

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