Conserved Land Database

PA’s Official Spatial Database
of Conserved Land

WeConservePA compiles and maintains Pennsylvania’s official spatial database of conserved land, including privately conserved land and properties and those conserved by federal, state, county, and local governments.

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Conserved Lands Summary Metrics

This map provides the user with the number of and acreages of conserved land within the viewing window. It includes multiple filter levels to allow the map customization to depict user-specified land ownership and easement holders along with by county, watershed, and landscape.

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Downloadable Maps

Conserved Lands of Pennsylvania

PA Regional Maps of Conserved Lands & Trails:

NorthwestNorthcentral | Northeast

Southwest | Southcentral | Southeast

Land Conservation Data Submission Instructions

Please submit missing or new acquisitions or easements as a zipped shapefile or geodatabase through email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. Please convey the following information when providing your data:

Attribute Fields

  • Type: In Fee or Easement
  • Property name or easement number
  • Area: acres (area preserved or eased sans exclusion zones) #,###.##
  • Tax Parcel ID Number (if no shapefile is available) describe exclusion areas, include survey map pdf
  • “Easement Plan, i.e. ‘exhibit B’ or a graphic depiction of the property, i.e. survey”
  • Resource: web link to site description or conserved properties
  • Public access – Open / Closed
  • Fee Owner or Easement Holders(s)
  • Owner/Holder web address
  • Owner Type: NGO, Private, State, Local, Federal, Other-Specify
  • County
  • Date acquired: “mm/dd/yyyy”
  • Duration – Term: (If not permanent, then Temporary – duration in years
  • Resource – Specific Objectives: Water, Biological, Soil, Scenic, Ecosystem Services
  • Restrictions: No restrictions (NR) or Withold from public (W), will not be included on web map


Delaware River Watershed Conserved Lands

An expansion of PA’s Conserved Land into the Delaware River Watershed, this map depicts lands protected by government and non-government entities through ownership and easements in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Funding for this project provided by the William Penn Foundation. Select the Dashboard button for an interactive experience.

If you wish to make improvements to the map, use the DRB Editor App or email the GIS Analyst.

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Group Service Areas

WeConservePA has mapped the service areas of land trusts, watershed associations, environmental advisory councils, and other organizations. We provide basic, intermediate, and advanced pathways for exploring these organizations.

Basic Exploration

For list view of land trusts, member organizations, watershed associations, trail groups, and environmental advisory councils please visit our Find a Group page.

Updates to Organization Profiles

For updates to your organization’s profile page or to add conserved properties, please contact Irina Beal, GIS Analyst at [email protected].

Intermediate Exploration

Land Trusts

Find a Pennsylvania statewide and regional land trust service areas by using the GIS map linked below.

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Trail Groups

Find Pennsylvania trail groups by county, trail names, and recreation type (e.g. biking or hiking).

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Watershed Associations

Find the service areas of Pennsylvania watershed associations by using the GIS map linked below.

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Environmental Advisory Councils

Find Pennsylvania municipalities with active environmental advisory councils (EACs).

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Advanced Exploration

To conduct advanced analysis regarding the service areas listed above, go to WeConservePA’s Advanced Query app.

Legislative Maps in Pennsylvania (redistricted)

PA House District MapPA Senate District Map | PA US Congressional Map

House webpage | Senate webpage | Congressional webpage:


State Conservation Investment
Spatial Database

Grants on the Ground: DCNR Funded Projects

The Grants on the Ground map displays and summarizes conservation projects funded through DCNR.

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Keystone, Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund Projects

Displays and summarizes conservation projects funded specifically through the Keystone Fund.

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Environmental Stewardship
Fund Projects

Displays and summarizes conservation projects funded specifically through the Environmental Stewardship Fund.

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Mapping & Analysis

Streamside Tree Planting Opportunities and Prioritization for PA

Where is a good place to plant streamside forests to improve water quality? The answer could be “just about anywhere.” But some streamside forests benefit water quality more than others. This project combines high-resolution land cover data with soils, topography, land use, and climate data to evaluate more than 200,000 potential streamside forest planting opportunities across Pennsylvania. View the 2019 report here.

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Cell Coverage at Outdoor Recreation Sites in Pennsylvania

Planning a visit to a public park, forest, trail, or nature preserve in Pennsylvania? Curious if you’ll have cell coverage there? The maps show locations of public lands and trails in Pennsylvania, then overlay those places with cell coverage data. Mobile-friendly.


In partnership with DCNR

Outdoor Recreation Access in Pennsylvania

DCNR partnered with WeConservePA and The Trust for Public Land to determine who has access to outdoor recreation within 10 minutes of their home and, more importantly, who does not? The resulting interactive maps help identify gaps in access and opportunities to more equitably provide recreational access to Pennsylvanians.

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Data Resources

PA DCNR Open Data

PA DCNR Open Data

This site provides access to all of our published GIS data, which includes over 130 datasets relative to state parks, state forests, geology, recreational opportunities and more. You can also connect directly to the data, download it or share it.

USGS Landsat Data Access Portals

Landsat data products held in the USGS archives can be searched and downloaded at no charge from a variety of sources. This page provides details about which data access portals may work best, based on the data desired.

Graphical interface used to define areas of interest by address, zip code, place name,
or using the map. Queries can be applied to multiple collections simultaneously.
Visualization viewer that provides access to select datasets within the USGS remote sensing archive.
Viewer used to access Landsat Collection 1 data in the USGS archive.
ESPA On-Demand Interface
Processing system that allows higher-level data processing requests.
Enables users to subset U.S. Landsat ARD data using spatial, temporal, and band/layer parameters for Surface Reflectance and Pixel-level Quality Assessment data.

Chesapeake Bay Program

This interface provides access to several types of data related to the Chesapeake Bay. Bay Program databases can be queried based upon user-defined inputs such as geographic region and date range.

Data Programs

Resource Lands Assessment

Data Downloads

  • Water Quality
  • Living Resources
  • Point sources


This easy to use, interactive mapping application does not require any GIS skills to use and provides ready access to 400+ maps and multiple analysis tools.

ESRI Geographic Information System Resources

Esri MOOC Program
Esri currently offers six massive open online courses (MOOCs). All Esri MOOCs are free and open to learners worldwide.

Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium

Land Cover

The National Land Cover Database (NLCD) provides nationwide data on land cover and land cover change at a 30m resolution with a 16-class legend based on a modified Anderson Level II classification system. NLCD 2016 represents the latest evolution of NLCD land cover products focused on providing innovative land cover and land cover change data for the Nation. NLCD 2016 offers 7 integrated epochs of land cover for years 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013, and 2016. Developed classes in these years are directly derived from and updated following the impervious surface cycle. These products update all previously released versions of landcover products for CONUS (NLCD 2001, NLCD 2006, NLCD 2011). New for NLCD 2016 is the NLCD Land Cover Change Index. The NLCD Land Cover change index provides a simple and comprehensive way to visualize change from all 7 dates of land cover in a single layer. The change index was designed to assist NLCD users to understand complex land cover change with a single product. NLCD 2016 does not yet contain updated products for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

NLCD Land Cover Change Index (CONUS)
NLCD Land Cover (CONUS) All Years
NLCD 2016 Land Cover (CONUS)

PennDOT's Spatial Data Portal

This site provides access to all of PennDot’s published GIS data that you can map, style, chart, download or share.

Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s airports, heliports, and seaports.
Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s boundaries and districts.
Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s stage and local bridges.
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s facility and building locations.
Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s transportation improvement projects.
Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s railways and intersections.
Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s roads including traffic counts and administration.
Layers and data for Pennsylvania’s safety devices and assets.

Penn State University Libraries: Maps & Geospatial: Aerial Photographs

Statewide Resources

Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) Imagery Navigator — BEST RESOURCE
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) is the official public access geospatial information clearinghouse for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) Imagery Navigator Video Tutorial
Short video tutorial on how to access historic aerial photos through PASDA’s Imagery Navigator.
Penn Pilot
Access to over 75,000 historic aerial photographs of Pennsylvania from 1937 to 1971. All Penn Pilot photos have been added to PASDA’s Imagery Navigator. Best access is through that site.
Pennsylvania Geological Survey Library
The DCNR Bureau of Geological Survey, also known as the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, studies all aspects of the geology of Pennsylvania and makes its findings available to the public. They have aerial photos and geologic maps.
Pennsylvania State Archives
The Pennsylvania State Archives maintains a collection of print historic aerial photographs. Contact them directly for access to their collection.
Penn Pilot Centroid Atlas
Photo center atlas created by PSU Libraries to aid in the understanding of what years each county was photographed.
Vintage Aerial Photos
Business that has scanned hundreds of thousands of oblique aerial photos including many of individual rural properties. You can view these online or purchase copies.

Eastern Pennsylvania Resources

Philadelphia Free Library Aerial Photo Collection Guide
A list of regional aerial photo sets available at the Free Library of Philadelphia, as well
as sets available online through other repositories. Digitized collections are marked with asterisks and have accompanying links.
Delaware Valley River Planning Commission Aerial Photos (1956-2015)
Delaware Valley River Planning Commission’s aerial photos for Pennsylvania are available on PASDA’s Imagery Navigator for the following years (called “Southeast PA): 1959, and every 5 years from 1965 through 2015.
Hagley Digital Archives, Dallin Aerial Survey Company photographs
These digital archives include some images from the 1930s from a perspective viewpoint. Generally eastern Pennsylvania.

Western Pennsylvania Resources

Historic Pittsburgh
This collection is held by the Archives Service Center (ASC) at the University of Pittsburgh, contains 137 aerial views of Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities taken between 1923 through 1937.

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