Allegheny Valley Conservancy

Land Trust

Mission or Purpose

The goals of the Allegheny Valley Conservancy are: *To protect the water quality of the Allegheny River and French Creek watersheds; *To preserve open space in the region; *To protect the scenic beauty of the watersheds; *To protect and conserve valuable and productive agricultural and forested land; *To preserve historically significant areas in the watershed; *To enhance the quality of life for residents of the region; *To protect lands significant to economic development through recreational tourism goals of: The Allegheny Valley Trails Association, The Oil Heritage Region, The Allegheny River as a National Wild and Scenic River, The Oil Region Tourism Promotion Agency *To promote land stewardship through public education and technical assistance

Contact Information

PO Box 96
Franklin, PA, 16323
(814) 432-4476 Ext. 121

Organizational Information
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PA Counties of Operation
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Land Conservation Figures in PA
Total Acres Conserved


Acres Owned


Acres Under Easement


Other Acres Protected‡


Figures accurate as of 01/01/2020


† Pertains to land that has been acquired by the land trust and then reconveyed to a local, county or state, state or federal government entity for conservation purposes.
‡ Other pertains to assistance in transactions including preparation and negotiation work and/or the reconveyance of land to another private conservation organization.