Eagles Mere Conservancy

Land Trust, Trail Group

Mission or Purpose
Who are we?  The Conservancy is a community organization which actively supports  environmental, forest management, reforestation and in-town forest activities in and around Eagles Mere.  All aspects of our Stewardship are managed by volunteer board of trustees guided by three core values – Awareness, Respect and Responsibility.



What we do is made up of activities and programs focused on three areas:

  • Preservation – land acquisition and maintenance, reforestation and hiking trail maintenance.
  • Education – programs for children and adults, periodic communiques and forums related to environmental concerns.
  • Recreation – forest rambles, hikes, and educational walks.



  • We honor our fiduciary responsibility to hold the land in trust.
  • What we do is bigger than the organization.  “What is best for Eagles Mere?” will always be the operative question.
  • We are attentive to community inquiry concerning our business and actions.
  • We strive to earn the title “Trustworthy Steward” by acting credibly with an eye cast toward future generations.
  • We are apolitical.
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