West Hanover Township EAC

Environmental Advisory Council

Mission or Purpose

West Hanover Township’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), was established by ordinance in 1989. The natural environment has long been an area of interest to policymakers and leaders of the Township and the EAC’s mission is to advise the Board of Supervisors, other boards and commissions, and the general public on issues related to the environment, ways to protect, preserve and enhance the Township’s natural environment, to develop programs to educate citizens, and to encourage citizen participation in environmental concerns.

As a member of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), the West Hanover Township EAC continues to be dedicated to environmental protection in West Hanover within the Township’s progressive subdivision and land development review processes. The EAC is also active in presenting environmental seminars for citizens, promoting special recycling and similar conservation programs, and participating in county and statewide initiatives such as:

  • The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s riparian buffers restoration project
  • Businesses for the Bay
  • Networking with other EACs through the Regional EAC Networking program

In 1990, the EAC began an intense voluntary recycling program that operated successfully for 3 1/2 years, recycling more than 36 tons of items. Today, the EAC promotes the Township’s formal curbside pickup program under the residential waste collection contract with Waste Management and other initiatives designed to recycle and conserve.

The West Hanover EAC was the first EAC in Dauphin County to prepare a Natural Resource Inventory (currently being updated) for its local government. The NRI is an important component of the Township’s Comprehensive Planning and land use management program.

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