There’s a lot you can do.

No matter your familiarity with conservation work, no matter your education, wealth, job, ethnicity, age, or any other variable, there are ways you can constructively contribute toward conserving land, protecting water and wildlife, and improving communities. Advocate, donate, volunteer, engage with others, deepen your knowledge, educate others. If you are fortunate to own substantial acreage, consider conserving it.

WeConservePA and conservation need you. Explore opportunities to make a difference.

Actions for Everyone


Make a one-time gift, set up a monthly donation, or choose from a variety of other giving options.



Sign up to receive emails addressing public policy issues and asking you to voice your opinions on these issues to legislators and other decision-makers.

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Deepen Your Knowledge

Check out the massive collection of original guides and educational documents in the Library section.


Volunteer with a Local Group

Find a land trust, trail group, environmental advisory council, or other local conservation organization that might need volunteers.

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Actions for Conservation Professionals, Board Members, Appointees, and Other Volunteers

Share with Peers

Join one of WeConservePA’s affinity groups—the EAC Network, DEIJ Community, GIS for Conservation Network, etc.—or start a new one.

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Volunteer with WeConservePA

WeConservePA needs individuals to help plan, strategize, research, and do leg work for holding events, managing affinity groups, advocating for conservation, and more.

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Attend Training and Networking Events

WeConservePA organizes conferences, workshops, and roundtables throughout the year, both in person (when safe) and online.

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Conserve Your Land

Conservation is the choice to respect, protect, and wisely use land so that the benefits it offers people and wildlife continue undiminished over time. It is the choice to safeguard our water, care for wildlife, preserve productive farmland and forest, and maintain natural beauty. Everyday across the country, individuals and families make the conservation choice, entrusting their land or granting a conservation easement to a land trust or appropriate government entity.

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements limit construction and other activities on the land to achieve identified conservation objectives while allowing landowners to continue to own and use the land.

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Land Trusts

A land trust is a charitable organization that acquires land or conservation easements, or that stewards land or easements, for conservation purposes.

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Improve Your Yard

You can improve your yard to provide better wildlife habitat, absorb more stormwater, and support a healthier environment.

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