Activity Organizer: WeConservePA (Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference)

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Activity, IF I OR THE PERSON FOR WHOM I AM SIGNING THIS CONTRACT IS INJURED as a result of participating in the Activity or while present on the Sponsor’s property, I AGREE TO BE LEGALLY BOUND by the promises set forth below. I understand that the term “Sponsor” includes the Sponsor identified above, its members, officers, directors, agents, servants, and employees and, if not owned by the Sponsor, the owners of the land on which the Activity is taking place (that land, the “Property”).

  • I WILL NOT SUE the Sponsor.
  • I FOREVER RELEASE the Sponsor from any and all liability for the injury.
  • I WILL INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the Sponsor from any loss, liability, damage, or cost of any kind that may occur as a result of the injury.
  • I AGREE THAT THE ABOVE PROMISES ARE LEGALLY BINDING even if I contend that my injuries are wholly or partly the result of NEGLIGENCE or other CONDUCT on the part of Sponsor for which a release is not contrary to public policy.
  • I voluntarily ASSUME THE RISK OF INJURY  OR EVEN DEATH while participating in the Activity or entering the Property. If I am injured, I authorize Sponsor to provide EMERGENCY FIRST AID and any medical or first aid personnel to provide MEDICAL CARE until such time as I or someone authorized by my medical care power of attorney or otherwise by law is able to act on my behalf.
  • I understand that the Activity may be INHERENTLY DANGEROUS.
  • I recognize my responsibility to INSPECT trails and other facilities within the Property, to exercise GOOD JUDGMENT, to ACT RESPONSIBLY, and to OBEY all of Sponsor’s oral or written guidance, instructions (including signage), and warnings.
  • I AGREE that the promises set forth above also apply to any LOSS OF OR DAMAGE to any of my belongings for which Sponsor may be legally liable in connection with the Activity including any transportation or storage.
  • I release to Sponsor and authorize Sponsor to produce, reproduce, broadcast, and otherwise use PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and other depictions, likenesses, or images of me, in any media form in connection with my attendance at or participation in the Activity, without compensation, for an unlimited duration.

I am 18 YEARS OF AGE OR MORE or I am SIGNING AS PARENT OR GUARDIAN of a minor child with the consent of the other parent or guardian (if any). I understand that I may be giving up the rights of my child and spouse to sue as well as giving up my own right to sue. I have read and understood these promises and am VOLUNTARILY signing below INTENDING TO BE LEGALLY BOUND.

Release Agreement

  • Please check the WeConservePA sponsored activity or activities covered by this release:
  • I have read and understood these promises and am VOLUNTARILY signing below INTENDING TO BE LEGALLY BOUND.
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