DCNR recently announced its 2020 grant awards for 42 land acquisition grants and 41 trail grants.
Land acquisition grants help local communities and non-profit land trusts buy land for public parks and open space to be enjoyed by all for generations to come. This year’s $17 million in grants will together help protect more than 13,000 acres across Pennsylvania.
Trail grants help support the planning, construction, and rehabilitation of both motorized and non-motorized trails. The announced grants total $7.6 million and will support the construction or rehabilitation of nearly 37 miles of trails.
Funding to support these grants comes from multiple state and federal sources, including:
A few examples of funded projects include:
  • $2,000,000 to Wildlands Conservancy to acquire 3,798 acres to expand Hickory Run State Park in Carbon County
  • $500,000 to Bart Township in Lancaster County to construct nine miles of the Enola Low Grade Trail
  • $125,000 to Allegheny County to acquire 21 acres in Hampton Township to expand North Park
Other 2020 grant awards previously announced include 158 park and partnerships projects as well as 22 rivers and buffer projects.