Central Pennsylvania Conservancy has hired Jason Andrew Beale as Executive Director.

Jason is a lifelong conservationist with a passion for connecting people to the natural world. He has a strong interest in improving habitat connectivity and protecting conservation corridors, especially ridges and waterways. Jason is also an advocate of scalable conservation, highlighting CPC’s stewardship work to inspire landowner to improve habitat in their own yards, farms, and forests. Jason looks forward to growing engagement with CPC throughout the region, strengthening natural and human communities through conservation.

Jason has worked in both rural and urban settings, managed nature preserves and interpretive centers, led land acquisition and habitat stewardship projects, and directed animal care and education in both zoo and farm settings. He serves on the board of the Wildlife For Everyone Foundation and is Wetland Committee Chair. Jason is an avid musician and enjoys the outdoors in all seasons, from snow sports to hiking, hunting, and paddling.