by Robert Campbell

My time at WeConservePA has been educational, busy, and rewarding. I will be leaving the organization after March 22 to take a position at the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) working in the area of elder justice. Having worn the hats of librarian, web designer, newsletter editor (if you got a Conserve Land Update, Project & People News, Greenway & Trail News, or EAC Network Newsletter in the past two years, that was me), social media manager, graphic designer, events marketer, news aggregator for Pennsylvania conservation, and more, I am looking forward to continuing to develop those skills in future settings and grateful for the chance to carry that baton here for a time.

I hope to remain engaged as a supporter of conservation for the rest of my days.

The unity of the conservation community in Pennsylvania is one of its most remarkable cultural features. Truly, I have seen time and again in my tenure here how organizations both private and public come together to make this important work happen. It’s because of that collaborative and determined spirit that land conservation, habitat and farmland preservation, sustainable forestry, watershed improvement, parks, trails, and outdoor recreation remain a regular feature of our day to day lives in this commonwealth.

I will miss all the people the most: my colleagues at WeConservePA are so intelligent, earnest, and dedicated to the mission. Our member and affiliate collaborators are remarkable professionals and terrific people, too. Time interfacing with them at conferences, meetings, and events (even digitally over Zoom or email) is always educational and inspiring.

Carrying some of this inspiration forward, I am embarking on a long-term photography experience to document some of my favorite natural areas in central Pennsylvania and utilize those images in a future art and performance project.

As Garrison Keillor is fond of saying in his sign-offs, “Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep in Touch.” I hope to remain connected to you all in meaningful ways, and am grateful for the ways your work has made my life richer and better. It truly has.

Best wishes,