EPT_Allegheny River Trail_Kennerdell Tunnel _by KimHarrisThe Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance has made great progress in converting the dream of a trail connecting the Perry Monument in Erie to the “Point” in Pittsburgh into reality. Roughly 2/3 of this trail is completed. Local individual trail groups invented ways to convert the liabilities left from the industrial revolution into regional assets that are enjoyed by locals and are drawing out-of-state trail users.

A few years ago all the individual trails were concentrating on their own sections. Some, such as Jim Holden, had a dream where we could all cooperate by joining our talents and passion to link our trails from Erie to Pittsburgh. Jim set a solid foundation. His dreams have become our dreams. Our dreams are becoming reality. As sung by Aerosmith, we “Dream On”.

What was once considered a “wish list” is becoming a strategic plan for the completion of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail. The remaining gaps have some tough obstacles, but the past had tough obstacles. Look back at the progress over the last 30 years. Who in 1986 would dream we would have the trails we have today?

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail is being assisted by the Industrial Heartland Trail Coalition. This coalition is a group of trail builders and supporter that are collaborating to connect 1,600 miles of shared trail use in 5 states. This coalition emerged because good dreams beget more good dreams.

Submitted by Ron Steffey, President of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance