Heritage Conservancy has facilitated the placement of a conservation easement on approximately 34-acres of land in Haycock Township, Bucks County, realizing the preservation goals of both the past and present owners. When Stephanie Noberini and Brent Meyer purchased SERENGETI ACRES in 2019, it was with the intent to preserve this special piece of land and protect its significant natural, scenic, and open space resources. Previous owners, John and Martha Nance, had attempted preservation years prior, but passed away before being able to do so. Along with Stephanie Noberini and Brent Meyer, Heritage Conservancy is excited to have carried forward the Nance’s long-held preservation goals. This extraordinary property will now remain preserved in perpetuity.

This property is part of a greenway corridor linking three major areas of publicly owned land: Nockamixon State Park, Haycock Mountain, and Lake Towhee County Park. It is characterized by a bank barn, stone farmhouse, pasture areas, a pond, and forested wetlands.

Located within the Upper Tohickon Watershed, the property contains portions of the Tohickon Creek whose tributaries flow into Lake Nockamixon and eventually the Delaware River. Protecting these water resources, along with the wet areas, forested wetlands, pond, and other seeps and springs will help to increase water quality for years to come.

SERENGETI ACRES hosts an array of biological resources necessary for vitally important habitat areas. The pasture areas, pond, and forested wetlands all support an array of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds that live in the water and on the land. The forested riparian corridors retain precipitation and mitigate erosion and flooding. Additionally, the vegetation within the forested areas on the property sequester carbon and mitigate rising atmospheric carbon levels. By preserving this land, we will protect and improve the quality of natural habitat for animals, plants, fungi, and other organisms, particularly native species.

This project was made possible by generosity of the landowners, Haycock Township, and the Calvin Ruth Memorial Fund.