In August, Merill W. Linn Land and Waterways Conservancy announced that Bob VanHorn and longtime board member John Tonzetich are leaving their board positions. VanHorn served as treasurer for the past two years. Tonzetich served on the site/stewardship committee, as an easement monitor, and as advisor for the development of the native pant garden on East Buffalo Township municipal grounds. He will continue to serve in various non-board capacities.

Joining the board are Adrienne Gemberling and John Ackerson. Gemberling will serve as one of two representatives to the Buffalo Creek Watershed Alliance board and Ackerson will assume duties as treasurer.

Adrienne Gemberling

Gemberling is currently the key on-the-ground coordinator for the Chesapeake Conservancy’s Implementing Precision Conservation in the Susquehanna River Watershed project. As the Susquehanna technical coordinator, she collaborates with local partner agencies, universities, stakeholder groups, businesses, and conservation organizations to pilot precision conservation practices, assess best management practice effectiveness through data collection, and develop tools for local partners. She comes to the Conservancy with a breadth of local knowledge of watershed management, natural resource needs, and data gaps within the Susquehanna River Basin. She is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College with degree in biology, and has a master’s degree in biology with a focus on freshwater ecology from Missouri State University. Gemberling is a native of central Pennsylvania and currently resides in Mifflinburg where she enjoys kayaking, fishing, hiking, and gardening.

John Ackerson

Ackerson grew up in a rural community in western New York on a 100-acre homestead restored by his parents. They imbued him with a sense of custody for the land–preserving, protecting, and nurturing it. The many hours spent outdoors reinforced those values. He graduated from Bucknell University with degrees in geology and civil engineering. He worked as a geotechnical engineer in Baltimore, then switched careers to become a software designer. In 2014 he moved to Lewisburg where he lives with his wife, Ann. They are avid gardeners and started Vocation Gardeners, which provides gardening services to clients while they are away. Ackerson’s other hobbies include golf, skiing, woodworking, and dance.