The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association has published at new editions of its long and short-form trail easement model documents:

  • The 4th edition of the Model Trail Easement Agreement with Commentary provides an expansive easement instrument that details many issues to avoid potential misunderstandings between landowners and holders. Last updated in 2010, the new edition is informed by years of use and feedback from trail groups, conservation organizations, and governments from across America. With the addition of new optional provisions and explanatory material, the commentary for this edition has expanded by 54%.
  • The 2nd edition of the Model Grant of Trail Easement with Commentary provides a one-page easement document for use where brevity is the paramount concern. Like the long-form model, it too was last updated in 2010 and its changes informed by the years of experiences. Its commentary has expanded by 41%.

When exploring the models, be sure to check out the their commentaries. The commentaries explain the reasoning behind every provision, instruct on applying the models to particular circumstances, and provide alternative and optional provisions to address a variety of variables.