During a special meeting on October 18, the Fish and Boat Commission Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to appoint Tim Schaeffer to the role of executive director. Schaeffer will assume his duties beginning November 13.

“I’m extremely honored and grateful to the board of commissioners for the opportunity to lead such a great agency,” said Schaeffer. “I’m excited to get to work.”

As executive director, Schaeffer will return to the PFBC where he previously served as Director of Policy and Planning from 2008-2017. Currently, he is deputy secretary for the Office of Water Programs for the Department of Environmental Protection. He resides with his family in New Cumberland.

“Tim’s experience speaks for itself and it gives us great pleasure to present him with this opportunity,” said Eric Hussar, PFBC Board President. “We look forward to seeing how he’s going to lead us into the future and advance our mission.”

Schaeffer will replace executive director John Arway, who will retire effective November 3.