Conservation organizations pursuing bird habitat protection or restoration projects are invited to apply to the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology (PSO) for funding. PSO is hosting its 3rd Annual Breeding Bird Blitz for Conservation on June 9-19, 2023, with a goal of raising $16,000 to be split among three projects focused on the conservation of birds in Pennsylvania.

In its first two years, the Blitz has raised a total of more than $25,000 in support of six bird conservation projects across the Commonwealth. Birders secured financial support from their friends and family members and documented 168 bird species during the event, adding to our knowledge of bird distribution during the nesting season (

In 2023 the Blitz will support three bird conservation projects, which may include a focus on Bird-safe Habitats, Bird Conservation Education, Conservation Monitoring and Science, or Threat Mitigation. Nonprofit conservation organizations are encouraged to apply by March 1, 2023, for consideration. The short application – available for download at – asks for a description of the project and its anticipated benefits to birds in Pennsylvania.

This spring, PSO will announce the selected conservation projects and open registration for birders across the state to participate.

The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology (PSO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1990 to foster the study and appreciation of the wild birds of Pennsylvania and to promote the conservation of birds and their habitats. PSO organizes and supports several bird monitoring projects, hosts field trips, an annual meeting, and publishes the quarterly journal Pennsylvania Birds. More information about PSO can be found at

Media inquiries about the Breeding Bird Blitz for Conservation should be directed to Brian Byrnes, [email protected], 610-420-2264.

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