The Steyer Bridge, a 140-foot long railroad bridge across Indian Creek, has been refurbished so that Indian Creek Valley Trail users can safely cross. The bridge will be accessible from a new parking area, located across Route 381 from Camp Christian in Mill Run, Springfield Township, and by a short section of rail-trail.

Steyer Bridge, over Indian Creek. Photo: Mountain Watershed Association.


Located within property owned by the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC), the path to the bridge is approximately six tenths of a mile long and was used as a road for logging trucks. The path has easy access to a calm section of Indian Creek. Both sides of this trail allow public access to the forest and stream on MAWC property, with plenty of space to fish and swim in the water. The Steyer Bridge itself provides a rare panoramic view of Indian Creek.

The Steyer Bridge has gotten new decking and railings, and the trail to the bridge has been improved with a crushed gravel surface, plus a new culvert over a tributary to Indian Creek. This culvert is replacing a temporary structure that was restricting stream flow and causing upstream erosion of the banks. The new culvert is a flat-bottomed box culvert that opens up the streambed to allow water and fish to move freely into Indian Creek.

Indian Creek Valley Trail. Photo: Mountain Watershed Association.

This project was organized and spearheaded by Mountain Watershed Association (MWA), who offered their thanks to all the stakeholders and supporters involved: “Thanks to our donors! Making the bridge safe for pedestrians and cyclists, and improving the trail leading to the bridge, was a huge undertaking that required significant funds. Mountain Watershed Association would like to thank everyone who supported us in fundraising for this important project.” MWA will commemorate the bridge’s reopening with a leaf peeping stroll along the trail, ribbon cutting ceremony, and “flashlight owl prowl” celebration event the evening of October 17.