The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC) has once again partnered with Kennett Township to preserve a large property for the benefit of township residents and the environment. With the purchase of a 63-plus acre property, Kennett Township has moved to place the property under a conservation easement held by TLC. This will ensure the property is not developed in the future and the woodlands are maintained for their environmental benefits, wildlife habitat, and public enjoyment. The extra-exciting feature of this conservation easement is that it puts TLC’s protected acreage at over 1,000 acres (1,017, to be exact). TLC has a history of conserving smaller parcels over time to form conservation corridors of hundreds of acres where each easement or fee property borders additional protected lands. This easement extends a conservation corridor begun in 2001; it is now a continuous conservation corridor of nearly 150 protected acres.