Why the new name change?

“Our new name concisely states what the directors, committee members, and staff of the organization endeavor to accomplish; the work of member land trusts, open space programs, environmental advisory councils, trail groups, and other conservation organizations engaged with and supported by WeConservePA; and the motivation for the individual persons supporting WeConservePA.” Read the full statement from WeConservePA’s executive director, Andy Loza.

Our mission and goals continue

“We have a new look but we’re still the same hard-working organization. We have the same talented staff; the same dedicated people serving on the Board of Directors and committees. We will continue to alert you and represent you on important policy issues relevant to conservation. We’ll still provide excellent ways to network and learn from each other.” Read the full statement from WeConservePA’s board chair, Kim Murphy.

About the New Logo

WeConservePA’s logo features a stylized cone of the eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), Pennsylvania’s official state tree.

The shade-tolerant hemlock grows naturally in every Pennsylvania county but especially on relatively moist ridges, ravines, and hillsides. Vast numbers of towering, centuries-old eastern hemlocks greeted colonial settlers.

The hemlock’s dense evergreen branches shelter a variety of forest songbirds, and its seeds provide food for the birds and other wildlife. Its deep shade keeps streams cool. Its wood is used for general construction, crates, and paper pulp.

The hemlock cone is small—less than an inch long—but, from its tiny seeds, mighty trees grow. The state’s tallest hemlock today rises 148 feet in Cook Forest State Park.