Shared by Willistown Conservation Trust, May 1, 2024. Photo courtesy of Willistown Conservation Trust.

Blake Goll, Education Programs Manager, recently received the Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award on behalf of the Civic Improvement & Grants Committee and The Garden Club of America for the educational program work she has contributed to Willistown Conservation Trust (such as the Rushton Nature Keepers). Blake has inspired a love for horticulture and the environment within countless children and showed a commitment to the importance of an environmental education. This award is a reflection of the personal passion Blake inserts into all of her teachings.

As stated by Garden Club of America “presenting GCA awards is a unique way to honor those who inspire us. Never more than now, we could all benefit from the joy that presenting an award brings. This award celebrates individuals who, through working with children under 16 years of age in horticulture and the environment, have inspired their appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our planet.”