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Creating Healthy and Sustainable Communities

Use this topic to post questions and resources related to creating and maintaining healthy and sustainable communities.

Greening Our Cities with Cecil Konijnendijk

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Cecil Konijnendijk came up with a rule he calls 3-30-300 which has become popular among climate change activists and urban tree canopy specialists. The rule encourages seeing at least 3 trees from your window, having 30% canopy coverage in your neighborhood, and having a high quality public green space within 300 meters (340 yards) from your house.

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Active Towns: Inspiration for Creating Inviting, Invigorating, and Inclusive Communities

John Simmerman is a veteran public health and health promotion professional with over 30 years of experience helping communities create more people-oriented places and a “Culture of Activity” through proven “All Ages & Abilities” design concepts and evidence-based behavior change initiatives.

Simmerman’s main focus now, however, is to directly inspire others by profiling the people, places, and programs making a difference globally in the effort to create what he refers to as a culture of activity for all ages and abilities through his multi-platform media efforts, which include:

Likelihood of Tree Failure

Defective and damaged trees in the community landscape are preventable hazards with consistent inspection and maintenance schedules. This article from TCI Magazine outlines factors that arborists and equipment operators should consider when assessing risk. READ MORE.

The Green Home Institute (GHI) 

GreenHome Institute is a nonprofit organization that empowers professionals and homeowners to make healthier and more sustainable choices in the places we live. VISIT SITE.

First State Recreation Plan Comparison Report Published

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, September 6

The Confluence of States and the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals recently released the first Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Comparison Report.

The report compares the outdoor recreation plans of all the U.S. states. It explores how states approach outdoor recreation planning including the goals, objectives, and strategies in their plans.

“The SCORP Comparison Report provides a valuable tool for SCORP planners, consultants, and researchers to understand how each state defines priorities and understands outdoor recreation needs,” said Rachel Franchina, Executive Director of the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals.

States must update their outdoor recreation plans every five years to receive funding from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The PA GreenGov Council Announces 3rd Annual Commonwealth Sustainability Week, October 2-6.

Join us for the third annual Commonwealth Sustainability Week!
The week's events will feature daily webinars, each featuring subject matter experts followed by an open question & answer discussion providing folks the opportunity to share their questions and receive feedback in real-time.  For any questions, please contact the GreenGov Council at [email protected].


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