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Water quality and Stormwater Management

Please use this topic to ask questions and share resources regarding water quality and stormwater management.

Hi!  Does anyone have resources they can share around stormwater runoff management ordinances and mitigation plans adopted at the borough/township level?  Our EAC is rewriting our M4 (as I'm sure everyone is), and we are interested in looking at ways in which we can go beyond the bare minimum requirements. Any sample ordinances that your municipality used or sample comprehensive plans you've adopted would be welcome. We are trying to avoid reinventing the wheel. Thank you!

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Seeking Low-Cost/Free Source for Rain Barrels (Warminster Township)

Warminster Township is seeking rain barrels for the township to assist with sustainability efforts. Please reach out to Brandon Yett, Projects Coordinator ([email protected]) if you have information to share on potential sources for free or low-cost barrels.  Thank you in advance.

How Rain Gardens Can Reduce Flooding and Water Use Around Your Property

By Lisa Blazure, for Stroud Water Research Center

Have you ever donned rain gear, stood outside your house during a heavy rainstorm, and watched how the water flowed across your property? For most people, the answer is likely not. But doing so can be enlightening if you’re concerned about your local streams and want to learn how your property can reduce local flooding and save on water use.

Most homes use gutters, downspouts, and grading to efficiently transport water away from buildings. In suburban and urban areas, this water is often collected in the stormwater system and eventually discharged into local streams. As a result, small streams can flood more frequently and may be degraded by the flush of pollutants transported in the water...READ FULL ARTICLE.

More information:

  • For rain garden instructions and tips, check out EPA’s “Soak Up the Rain” page.
  • Downspout planters are another way to reduce rainwater runoff. Learn more about them from Penn State Extension.