Hello again Friends,

We are now a month into the stay-at-home order. Some things haven’t changed. I am still yelling at some form of technology at least once a day, grant applications are being written (often the reason for yelling at technology), and logistics are being discussed for the 2020 stream season.

Some things have changed in that month. The trees are budding out, the coltsfoot has flowered, and it snowed (it didn’t do that a lot this winter, so it is of note).

We are realizing that there will be longer term changes in how we as a society meet and gather and celebrate and discuss things. What all those changes are and what they look like will evolve and morph as the medical world learns more about COVID-19 and as we live with it longer and adjust to the differences.

As we start to learn more and think more about it, one thing I keep coming back to is NPC is an organization with a perpetual mission. The 48 conservation easements we hold don’t go away because of COVID-19. How we visit them, how we communicate with landowners may change, but our responsibility to the donors of those conservation easements doesn’t change. We are an organization that works to create access to trails and creeks not just for this generation, but for the future. We work with our partners to implement stream projects that will have immediate benefits, but it will take years for the streams to fully recover. We’re not in this for the short haul.

We’re moving from the “Holy. Guacamole. What is this thing, and what do we do?” phase to the “Okay. Things are different and are going to continue to change, but we need to move ahead. So how can we do that in a fluid way?” phase.

Thank you.

Thank you for helping to build an organization that is thinking “perpetual”  and “move ahead” and “fluid.” 

Thank you for supporting projects that think about our children’s grandchildren and not just about us.

While we’ve always strived to keep you updated on how your investment in conservation (your donations and support) was making things happen, we’re going to do our best to also update you on how the organization and programs are evolving.

If you have questions, send us an email. We can exchange emails or set-up a time to talk.  We’re here to listen, to help, and to keep moving forward for you and the communities NPC serves.

Take care,

Renee’ Carey
NPC Executive Director