French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, in a partnership with Charlestown Township, has protected 111 more acres in northern Chester County, through conservation easements on two properties owned by brothers Christopher, Nicholas and Geoffrey Crowell. The easements were funded through the township’s Open Space Initiative dedicated tax dollars.

The protected properties include highly scenic viewsheds, characteristic of Charlestown Township. The easements have eliminated all but six residential rights on what could have been high-density development.

Located within the Pickering Creek Watershed, the properties include heavily wooded areas, a tributary to the Pickering Creek and 71 acres of soils considered to be “Prime Agricultural Soils” by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. There are 31 acres of mixed aged woodlands and a vegetated stream corridor that provides habitat to numerous plant and animal species. Both properties are near other lands under easement with French & Pickering, increasing the already expansive conservation corridor in Charlestown Township.

“Thanks to the Crowells’ generosity, their properties will continue to provide the public with the scenic views they have come to appreciate, as well as provide wildlife and plant habitat, healthy and unfragmented woodland, and provide, maintain and improve water quality in the Pickering Creek Watershed,” noted Pam Brown, French & Pickering Conservation Director.

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust is grateful for the Crowells’ generosity and for the opportunity to protect this biologically valuable and beautiful property with the support of Charlestown Township.