The French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, in partnership with East Pikeland Township, has protected 4.45 acres in northern Chester County.  The conservation easement on the Prizer Road property in Kimberton Village, owned by the Estate of Ellen Dixon, was funded through the township’s Open Space Initiative. The long-time home of the Dixon family is adjacent to existing township open space and includes an important wetland habitat in the heart of Kimberton Village. Under current zoning, this property could have been developed into 10 townhouse units but is now protected from development in perpetuity. The easement will also allow for over 230 feet of public trail connecting township-owned parking along Prizer Road with planned trails along the nearby creek.

“This is a relatively small property but extremely strategic in terms of enabling public access and protecting the nearby wetlands,” noted Karl Russek, French & Pickering Conservation Coordinator. “Its location in the village will help ensure long-term walkable access to green space for residents of East Pikeland,” Russek added.

The Dixon property is located within the French Creek watershed which is designated as a High-Quality waterway by the Department of Environmental Protection. The mosaic of mixed-aged woodlands, grasslands, and emergent wetlands provide habitat to numerous plant and animal species and is particularly important to migrating birds.

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust is grateful for the Dixon family’s generosity and for the opportunity to protect this beautiful property with the support of East Pikeland Township.



This post adapted from our partners in conservation at PA Environment Digest.