Lancaster Farmland Trust recently completed the preservation of a 217-acre Drumore Township farm, the largest single preservation project ever completed by the organization. Following preservation of the farm, the family conveyed ownership to the tenant farmer of over 30 years.

The farm is home to over 240 cows and also has a hog operation. Support crops grown include corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley. The farm family generously donated the conservation easement on the property, thereby fulfilling the wish of their father who recently passed away.

“The Trust is excited about this project not only because of the farm’s size, but also because the project is an example of Lancaster County’s incredible agricultural ethic and commitment to farmland preservation,” said Karen Martynick, executive director of the Trust. “The family’s dedication to preservation and their support of agriculture illustrates the special connection that Lancaster County residents have to the landscape. The Trust is grateful to the family for protecting this valuable farm in perpetuity.”

Interest in preservation continues to be strong, with over 40 farms totaling 2,300 acres on the Trust’s waiting list. In 2017, the Trust has preserved three farms, covering 313 acres.