WeConservePA has published three new guides at ConservationTools.org. The content of each is briefly described below.

Adverse Possession in Pennsylvania

A long-time trespasser may gain ownership of land by using it with no documented challenge for 21 years. Landowners can avoid this threat with some good, basic practices.  (link, 7 pages)

Adding to Land Under Conservation Easement

A landowner has land under conservation easement and is ready to conserve more of their nearby property. How best to carry this out?   This guide describes three approaches and includes a model document to help implement one of the alternatives. (link, 8 pages)

This guide complements other WeConservePA guidance related to easement amendments:

Trapped in a Contract: Don’t Get Burned by Evergreen and Automatic Renewal Clauses

Organizations should be wary of draconian renewal clauses that are sometimes embedded in seemingly innocuous contracts. If an organization enters into a contract containing such a clause, the organization should have a management system in place to ensure that crucial dates for action are not missed.  (link, 2 pages)