WeConservePA has updated its guide, “Authorization of Real Estate Transactions (Rules and Process for Nonprofits),” which explores the applicable rules and offers process guidance for land trusts and any other nonprofit organizations that would engage in real estate transactions.

Within the bounds of state law and private standards of practice, nonprofit organizations have considerable flexibility in establishing policies and procedures regarding the authorization of real estate transactions. This guide takes a look at:

  • The established rules and procedures under Pennsylvania law;
  • Board processes involved in real estate transactions from bylaws to contracts to closing certificates; and,
  • Options for nonprofits and their boards in how to most efficiently and ethically navigate the complex process of real estate transactions.

Many of WeConservePA’s guides focus in on topics specific to land trusts and conservation organizations. This guide, while certainly relevant and applicable to those organizations, is also useful for any nonprofit organization seeking to complete a real estate transaction of its own.