The Conservation Easement Assistance Program provides small grants to conservation organizations to help cover the costs of:

  • Completing conservation as well as trail and fishing access easements
  • Amending and restating older easement documents
  • Establishing or updating baseline documentation
  • Installing signs on eased properties.

The program seeks to:

  • Increase the quantity of easements completed and special places protected; and
  • Increase the quality and long-term viability of easements.

To accomplish this, the program requires that organizations do the job right and provides the financial means to do so.


WeConservePA coordinates the Conservation Professionals Mentorship Program. This program aims to connect seasoned professionals in Pennsylvania’s conservation movement with younger or less experienced professionals in mentor-mentee relationships.

Mentees receive guidance and support as they develop professional skills, set goals, and navigate career choices. Mentors hone their leadership and communication skills, and benefit from exposure to fresh perspectives and new ideas.

The partnerships facilitate the sharing of knowledge and formation of productive relationships throughout the Pennsylvania conservation landscape, ultimately helping cultivate and empower a new generation of conservationists. Learn more.

Technical Assistance

WeConservePA provides direct technical assistance via phone, email, and in-person meetings to:

  • land trusts
  • local governments, including to their environmental advisory councils and open space programs
  • trail groups
  • other conservation nonprofits

The assistance will be directed to help build organizational capacity, bring projects and programs to fruition, and foster cooperation and partnerships. The assistance, depending on the specific request, may involve substantial research and analysis.